The first international meeting, coordinated by Manisa Celal Bayar University, was held on 09-10.06.2022 with the participation of all partners’ representatives and National Agency officials. In addition to the project partner institutions, the National Agency Project Coordinator Dr. Kemal Başçı and Project Specialist Merve Önem attended the first face-to-face meeting, which the project team Prof.Dr. Hatice YURTSEVER, Assoc. Pınar PEHLIVAN and Dr. Faculty Member Lale YAKUPOĞLU hosted.
On the first day, the activities of the first Project Result were discussed in detail and each project partners presented their organisation. In addition, decisions were made regarding the work and procedures to be completed for the first result, as well as each partner’s responsibilities.
On the second day, the University Rectorate and campus were introduced to the guests, followed by the presentation of introductory gifts during a visit to Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ramazan Gokbunar. After that, visits were made to Manisa’s historical and touristic sites. In this context, the Manisa Medical History Museum, Sultan Mosque and Complex, Yeni Han, Kurşunlu Han, Niobe- Alayan Kaya, and Mevlevihane were visited.
During the closing session held following the touristic excursions, the dates for the next transnational meeting were set, a general evaluation of the meeting was conducted, and the 2-day meeting came to a close.


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