1st Project Result

Research Report And Recommendation

All partners will develop a research report, to map the size and reason for the deficiencies in education programs related to Financial Literacy and entrepreneurship. It aims to design the training methods that the educators will give to the target group and to adapt them to the learning style by using hybrid activities called didactic approach.

Desk Research Report

In this activity, an analysis of the causes for which there is a low level of competition in FL and entrepreneurship will be carried out, through a review of data and reports from each country and a compilation of good practices based on these causes.

Interviews with educators

Each partner will meet with educators in their respective countries to compare the causes highlighted in the Desk Research Report, thereby verifying that they are in line with reality and practice.  

Focus Group with adult learners

A focus group was established to compare the factors highlighted in the Desk Research Report and to determine the relationship between FL and entrepreneurship in relation to the various adult learning styles.

Common Report

All the aforementioned information is included in the JAFLE Common Report. The Report is translated in all partner languages.