The Journey of Unemployed Adults
from Financial Literacy
to Entrepreneurship


The Journey of Unemployed Adults from Financial Literacy to Enterpreneurship


the partners

the partners

Project Description

Thanks to rapidly developing technology, financial literacy has become important in an environment where individuals have easier access to financial services. Financial literacy is the ability to solve economic problems and make financial decisions. Digital advancements have led to new financial products and services for businesses and individuals. All economic decision-makers require financial and digital knowledge to access and use new financial products and services. Financial and digital literacy will boost business participation and financial well-being.

Cloud Based Avada Finance

Project results

Research Report and Recommendation

Financial Literacy Training Program Including Digital Literacy and Entrepreneurship

The JAFLE e-Learning Platform

“Like any other form of learning, financial education should ideally start at an early age. This process should also continue throughout life as it helps people gain the necessary skills required to make sound financial decisions.”

Alas Greenspan, an economist

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